WP 5  Awareness raising and knowledge transfer

WP5 aims to spread the information to various actors via organising trainings on gender equality issues and via establishing an international mentoring scheme for young female scientists from the partner institutions.


Task 5.1: Training (Task leader: IOW)

Raising awareness on gender equality issues, targeting especially gate-keepers, leaders, decision-makers as well as researchers, teachers and other staff members is expected to acquire their support and to pave the way for structural changes. This task aims to organize trainings in gender competence, methods of gender analysis, and gender dimension in research and teaching context for the consortium members as well as for the staff of partner organisations.

Task 5.2: Mentoring (Task leader: IOW)

Mentoring is dedicated to young female scientists from the partner institutions that seek possibilities of shaping their carrier. The scheme aims to work with individuals to develop their skills and experience, to help them become leading personalities in science of the future, as well as to increase the European level value in international network of the involved research organisations.

Task 5.3: Networking (Task leader: IOW)

Networks of professional contacts within the scientific community play a vital role in career advancement via having access to vacancies in advance, more opportunities for setting up projects and better chance of recognition of success. This task aims to promote equal opportunity networks in the partner institutions and feeds especially into the tasks of WP1.