Outcomes / Publications

 Gender Equality in Marine Sciences: Best practices on structural change (August 2018)

This brochure provides various best practice measures in the different Baltic Gender institutions. They are presented together with recommendations for their implementention, as example for other institutions.


Leaflet: Recommendations for family -friendly strategies and institutional practices in higher education and research organisations (August 2018)

This leaflet provides some exemplary practices and gives recommendations to facilitate a better work-life balance among employees in higher education and research organizations.

The full report on family-friendly strategies and institutional practices can be downloaded here.


 Database of gender-sensitive indicators (June 2018)

This database reports on the gender-sensitive indicators used by the Baltic Gender project to look at the status of gender equality in its 8 partner institutions. It includes:

  • a handbook, which has been developed to accompany the data. The handbook contains guidance on the collection of sex-disaggregated data and the calculation of the indicators.
  • the data (from November 2017) in XML format in two seperate documents; (i) data on the quantitative indicators and (ii) data on the qualitative indicators. 


 Summary report: National Legislations on Gender Equality  (April 2018)

This summary report gives a systematic overview of the different conditions of the legal and policy frameworks in the partner countries (Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany) with a focus on the implementation of Gender Equality Plans in Higher Education.


 Tools and Resouces on Gender-Sensitive Teaching methods in Higher Education (February 2018)

This resource pack gives an overview of the existing resources, toolkits, databases, among others, on gender–sensitive teaching methods in higher education.


 Gender Equality Plans in Research Projects (August 2017)

This leaflet and the associated report proposes a set of actions, which research projects can commit to, in order to achieve gender equality.


 Brochure Baltic Gender (June 2017)

This brochure provides an overview of the project motivation, aim, concept and activities.


 Baltic Gender Data Management Plan (Version 2, July 2017)

This report provides a summary of the Data Management Plan (DMP) addressing FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, re-usable) data, allocation of resources, data security and ethical aspects.