Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany (CAU)


CAU is Germany's northernmost comprehensive State University. More than 24,000 students learn in 185 degree programs and approximately 80 different subjects ranging from Agricultural Science to Zoology, about 2,000 scientists teach and do research in one of 8 faculties (Arts and Humanities, Theology, Law, Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Engineering, Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences).

Kiel's geographical location by the ocean is the basis for the wide-ranging and internationally recognized marine research carried out here. Promoted by the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean with about 200 scientists, CAU has established an outstanding profile for investigation of past, present and future changes e.g., in ocean dynamics and biogeochemical cycles, to explore strategies for the sustainable and environmentally friendly use of marine resources, and to promote the integrated study of marine hazards. Furthermore, the Cluster of Excellence also facilitates knowledge transfer to the general public, industry and politics; it promotes international collaborations and supports young researchers within the Graduate School "Integrated School of Ocean Sciences" (ISOS) and the postdoctoral network »Integrated Marine Postdoc Network« (IMAP). Additionally, in 2012 the CAU implemented the new institution “Kiel Marine Science (KMS)”, a Center for Interdisciplinary Marine Sciences, joining marine oriented research group leaders and their teams involved in larger interdisciplinary projects. About 25 research groups hosted at 17 different departments or institutes in 7 faculties actually contribute to the marine research and education profile of the CAU. Expertise from natural sciences is combined with arts, political, socio-economic, legal, and life sciences as well as ethics addressing the ocean in a broad integrative and multidisciplinary approach in close dialog with society, politics and other stakeholders.

CAU is committed to gender equality practices and policies at all levels. Gender equality is recognized as a key component for a responsible and successful human resource and talent management as well as a prerequisite for a modern organizational development. Gender aspects are considered in many processes, projects and documents of the CAU. The central Office for Gender Equality, Diversity and Family is well-equipped and an integral part of relevant processes. CAU is also committed to family-friendly policies and infrastructures. It was certified as family friendly in 2002 for the first time through the nation-wide "audit familiengerechte hochschule" by berufundfamilie gGmbH and holds the permanent award since 2016.


Kiel University is a partner in Baltic Gender and the Work Package leader on (WP3) Structural Change.



Core Team  
Dr. Iris Werner is the central equal opportunities commissioner of Kiel University and head of the central Office for Gender Equality, Diversity and Family. Being a marine biologist by education, she worked more than 20 years in marine and polar ecological research before changing to science management in 2008. She is the work package leader of WP 3 “structural change” in Baltic Gender.
Dr. Ines Weber is a political scientist with special focus on Political Theory. Besides her PhD research about alternative socialist ideas conceived by GDR oppositionists she is interested in the history of women’s movement and feminist theory. As one of the equal opportunity commissioners of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Kiel University she develops and advances measures for gender equality.

Dr. Marta Chiarinotti is research assistant in Baltic Gender. She has working experiences as project coordinator of a mentoring programme and as an equality officer for a Cluster of Excellence. As one of the equal opportunity commissioners of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Kiel University, she develops new measures in order to improve e.g. the awareness of gender equality within the faculty and she takes part in professorship appointment committees and in recruitment procedures for non-professorial academic staff.


Gender Equality Implementation Teams 

Responsible for the implementation of Gender Equality at the University

Vice-President responsible for Diversity including gender equality and family-friendliness at CAU

Gender Equality Commission of the Academic Senate

Central Office for Gender Equality, Diversity & Family