Klaipèda University, Lithuania (KU)


Klaipeda University is located in the Western part of Lithuania, in the city Klaipeda, which is the only sea port of Lithuania. Today KU has 4500 students, 700 academic staff. Klaipeda University is the only institution of tertiary education and research in Lithuania where the main research fields are marine sciences and engineering. Two largest subdivisions of Klaipeda University specializing in marine science and technologies are Open Access Centre for Marine Research and Faculty of Marine technology & Natural Sciences.

Open Access Centre for Marine Research (OACMAR) is carrying out fundamental and applied research and is aiming for proper operation of scientific infrastructure that is currently available in 5 research laboratories: 

  • Marine Chemistry, 
  • Marine Ecosystems, 
  • Marine Constructions Reliability, 
  • Waterborne Transport Technologies, 
  • Fleet and Field Research. 

Multipurpose research vessel MINTIS as well as research laboratories are working by the principle of open access ensuring the availability of facilities for internal users and external customers. OACMAR is the core academic unit of the Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre - Marine Valley, aiming for promotion of science and business cooperation through high level R&D service.

The Faculty of Marine technology & Natural Sciences educates Bachelors and Masters of engineering and technologies, physical, biomedical, mathematics and informatics sciences as highly skilled professionals who are able to engage in lifelong learning and to maintain and disseminate humanistic values. The experience, acquired by the Faculty staff in the field of conducting research in marine sciences and engineering and carrying out unique study programmes, distinguishes the Faculty from other divisions of national universities and promotes sustainable blue development values.


The strategic goal of the participation in the project is implementation of gender mainstreaming integrating gender equality into the regular rules, procedures and practices of the institution that will lead to the transformation of the institution, thus also influencing the organizational culture.


Klaipeda University is the partner of the Baltic Gender project. It is also the leader of task 1.1 of the work package on promotion of gender-balanced career advancement (WP1) and the leader of task 6.2 of the work package on dissemination, exploitation and communication (WP6). 



Core Team  
Dr. Viktorija Vaitkevičienė is the director of Open Access Centre for Marine Research and implementer of Baltic Gender project tasks. Working as a director, she is responsible for ensurance of the strategic development of the Centre and the achievement of its objectives contributing to the success of the Centre and the University.
Dr. Rima Mickeviciene is the dean of the Faculty of Marine technology & Natural Sciences, member of the university Senate and Board, co-ordinator of R&D activities, formal HE and informal training of welding coordinators and inspectors. As a participant of Baltic Gender project, she reaches defined goals to promote gender-balanced career and disseminate, exploit project outcomes widely.