Finnish Environment Institute, Finland (SYKE)


Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is a research institute that forms a part of Finland's national environmental administration. SYKE employs more than 700 professionals, almost 500 of them in research and expert tasks. SYKE’s researchers analyze and predict changes in the environment, and they explore various avenues to find solutions our society can apply to environmental problems. Marine research at SYKE produces information that promotes the protection and sustainable use of the Baltic Sea.

In SYKE, a Gender Equality Plan is being drafted every three years. The GEP includes mainly personnel policy objectives and measures. Promoting gender equality is one of the main purposes of SYKE’s pay system: today there are no wage differences between men and women on the same job grade.  The number of female superiors has increased significantly since 2011. Still, one of the main objectives of the GEP is to support further qualification of female researchers and to encourage them to participate more actively in scientific publication.

The SYKE team is a multidisciplinary one; bringing together scientists, social scientists and experts from administrative services. The diversity of capacities supports association of theoretical considerations and scientific know-how to Gender Equity planning.

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SYKE contributes to all working packages of Baltic Gender. It leads the WP4; "Gender in Marine Science and Innovation”.  The SYKE team is responsible for the development of a method protocol that supportsthe integration of gender questions in the practices of marine science and research (Task 4.1). This work will be based on a literature review and on empirical test cases. The SYKE team will also draft guidelines to support planning and evaluation of research projects (Task 8.3). The guidelines will give suggestions of best practices than can be applied to improve their gender equality and family-friendliness.




Core Team  
Ms. Heidi Koivuluoma BSc (Behavioural economics) works at the Administrative Services of SYKE. Her main focus is on development and pIanning of personnel management. In Baltic Gender, she provides her expertise is HR statistic and reporting.
MSc. Niina Oksanen Personnel Manager, is a head of Human resources administration and development services in SYKE. Guidelines for personnel policy and personnel development are prepared in her group. In Baltic Gender, she provides advice on personnel management and development procedures and directives in SYKE and in Finland.
MSc. Eija Rantajärvi coordinator, works at the Marine Research Centre of SYKE. Her main focus is on communicating scientific information to public by producing versatile media format, and she assist various EU- and national projects related to marine research. In Baltic Gender, she will provide her expertise in WPs 1-3 and 5-8 working in close cooperation with SYKE’s HR personnel.
Dr. Laura Uusitalo works as a Head of Unit and Senior Research Scientist at the Marine Research Centre of SYKE. Her work involves research related to the marine biodiversity and food webs, as well as supporting the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and related policy actions. She is also a member of the Science Committee of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. In Baltic Gender, her main responsibility is the document of guidelines to support equality in the planning phase of research project (Task 8.3).
  LL.M. Sari-Anna Sokura is a member of SYKE's BG-group. She works as a Legal Counsel in Human Resources. Her expertise is needed for interpreting e.g. the GEP.  
Dr. Helena Valve works as a Senior Researcher at the Environmental Policy Centre of SYKE. Her research focuses on the politics and performance of environmental policy and natural resource management. The studies make use of the insights provided by science and technology studies (STS). In Baltic Gender, she leads WP4 and the Task 4.1 that seeks to support incorporation of gender aspects into the practices of marine research and innovation (Task 4.1).


Gender Equality Implementation Teams 

Lawyer, Human Resources Management and Development

Personnel Manager, Human Resources Management and Development

Adminstrative Attache, Human Resources Management and Development