WP 1 Career Advancement

WP1 aims to promote gender-balanced career advancement in Marine Science and Technology.


Task 1.1: Increasing the visibility of women in Marine Science and Technology (Task leader:KU)

Increasing the visibility of women allows for students and staff to see a number of possibilities in achievements and to choose from a variety of role models. The main aims of this task are to recognize outstanding female scientists in Marine Science and Technology, to encourage efforts toward promoting women already present in scientific institutions and to make Marine Science and Technology more attractive for students /early career scientists.

Task 1.2: Promoting professional progress (Task leader: LU).

Researchers are in agreement that women’s poorer networking is a powerful, albeit subtle, explanatory mechanism for understanding women’s slower career progression compared to men’s. On the other hand, women are less likely than men to be encouraged to apply for promotion and they are less aware of promotion criteria and processes. This task tackles these issues by forming grass-root networks at all partner institutions, by offering leadership courses to future leaders in science and by promoting job applications from women.

Tasks 1.3 & 1.4: Setting targets and monitoring progress via gender-sensitive indicators on career advancement (Task leader: LU)

Aggregated gender segregated data on career advancement could comprise, e.g., success rates in applications to research councils, qualification status of staff, applications for promotions, number of scientific awards. This task aims to develop indicators from such data and analyse the resultant trends, enabling the consortium to recommend possible targets and innovative strategies toward Gender Equality Plans of the partner institutions.