WP2 Work and family

WP2 aims to develop family-friendly strategies, to raise awareness for career interruption due to family obligations and to establish policies for a workplace culture supporting family care-giving responsibilities.



Task 2.1: Family-friendly strategies (Task leader: UT-EMI)

Demographic changes in Europe give rise to new conflicts and constitute a challenging task for a lot of employees. Child-care and elderly-care support systems such as day-care, parent-child parking slots, flexible working arrangements, time-sensitive agendas of major events, etc. are essential for a family-friendly working culture. The main aims of this task are to compare the status-quo of family-friendly strategies in the partner institutions taking into account the national and cultural circumstances and to promote sharing of child-care between working parents.

Task 2.2: Critical career moments (Task leader: UT-EMI)

To support the continuous progress of careers despite of family duties, this task aims to develop recommendations to partner institutions for maintaining contact with employees taking family breaks and funding opportunities for those returning to work afterwards.

Task 2.3 & 2.4: Setting targets and monitoring progress via gender-sensitive indicators on work and family (Task leader: UT-EMI)

Aggregated gender segregated data on work and family could comprise, e.g., parental leave times, part-time positions due to family responsibilities, the successful fund-raising of research and technology projects of employees with family breaks. This task aims to develop indicators from such data and analyse the resultant trends, enabling the consortium to recommend possible targets and innovative strategies toward Gender Equality Plans of the partner institutions.