WP6 Dissemination, exploitation and communication

WP6 aims to support the dissemination of the project results to end-users through active engagement of each partner institution and to communicate these results to scientists of different disciplines, the youth and general public.


Task 6.1: Dissemination and exploitation (Task leader: GEOMAR

The publications of Baltic Gender are designed as user-friendly outputs (such as blogs, brochures, list of best-practices, recommendations, check-list, handbook, online newsletter, videos and reports), which are intended to maximize the impact of the project. The targeted personnel include gate-keepers, leaders, researchers, teachers, technical and administrative staff involved in marine sciences and technology.

Task 6.2: Communication (Task leader: KU)

Baltic Gender aims to further reach out to various audiences such as scientists, youth, and general public with the aim of promoting the action and its outputs, female role models in science and technology, and marine science itself.